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A seasonal site is an affordable, hassle free and the perfect way for your family to enjoy time away. Seasonal camping is gaining popularity. How do you get a seasonal site: First - you purchase a RV either one that is for sale already on a campsite here at Sleepy Hollow or you  purchase one either from a private dealer or an RV dealer and have them place it here. Second you pick out a site if your bringing in your own unit. Then your unit is ready for every time you can get time away. You can escape at a moments notice. Some other reasons people go seasonal is you get more time away because there is no need to take the time to pack up and hook up and then unpack and unhook. Just grab your clean laundry and head on down. Also if the person that tows the unit has to work or has a commitment part of the weekend the family can still go down to the campground, enjoy the activities and then the other can join later. Three common things we hear from new seasonals at Sleepy Hollow: 1. they wish they had done seasonal sooner. 2. They like being able to come down, turn their key to their unit and just walk in and start relaxing right away. 3. Being so close to the beach and boardwalk but having all the activities at the campground. 

What seasonally camping isn't: a place to live full time. Sleepy Hollow is a place for recreation and family fun for people looking to vacation. 

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